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Lawn care is important. If you love your lawn, you need to take care of it. A beautiful lawn will enhance your life as well as your home, adding to its value and providing a safe place for your and your pets to spend your leisure time. Look after your lawn, and it will look after you, but how is it done? Is it as simple as buying a lawn mower and hoe? Sadly, no. Every lawn has its challenges, but lawn care in Port Orange, as in the rest of Florida, has more than most. You can spend a lot of time and money finding the right solutions to your lawn care problems, so why not hire an expert and get it right from the start?

Florida is justly famous for its sunshine, but sunshine has its problems. Florida’s lawns often go without water for weeks, which means moisture control is important if you want your lawn to look good. Lawn care in Port Orange means extremes of weather, periods of drought followed by heavy, intense rain. We can treat your lawn to help it retain moisture as well as keeping it fertile and in shape, but that’s only part of the service. As anyone who has moved to Florida from another part of the country can readily testify, the only way to keep you safe, as well as your lawn, is to treat it for pests.

While some pests are simply annoying, others are a definite health hazard. Lawn care in Port Orange, like most of Florida, means dealing with fire ants. These coppery brown insects arrived in the United States in the 1930s and have spread throughout the Southern States. Unlike most ants they can and will attack animals and kill them. In humans, a fire ant bite produces a small red bump which can be very painful as well as itchy, especially when there are several close together. Anaphylaxis, an allergic reaction to the venom, occurs in about 1% of those bitten, and can result in death, as a result these ants are public enemy number one for lawn owners, especially as they love to make their nests in sunny, open, well watered areas like well watered lawns.

Other pests, such as the cinch bug, also create problems. Lawn care for Port Orange homes usually means treating for these insects which love to inhabit Florida’s favorite St Augustinegrass. Large yellow patches on the lawn in dry weather might be due to lack of water, but more often mean cinch bugs. If not treated the yellow patches get bigger really quickly, and your pride and joy can go from green to gross much faster than you think.

The perfect lawn is a thing of beauty, providing enjoyment as well as adding value to your home, but it isn’t that easy to achieve, especially in Florida, where weather, poor soil and the general climate make yard care a challenge. Cinch bugs and fire ants are only some of the pests we deal with every day. If you are looking for a beautiful expanse of glorious green to enhance your home and provide a safe play space for children and pets, professional help will save you time and money. Get someone who knows lawn care, Port Orange and the surrounding area, and get the right solution, first time.



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